7 Signs You Need Brake Repairs

Brake servicing is an essential part of a vehicle maintenance list. When you maintain your brakes, they perform in the right way and can save you from sticky situations. Even with regular maintenance, your vehicle's brakes may require repairs and servicing if you notice one or more of the seven brake issue warning signs listed below. Make sure to stop by a shop so the mechanics can fix it up for you because driving without brakes is one of the most dangerous things you can do.

1. Squeaking Noise

Hearing a loud squeaking noise while breaking? It can be a result of rust or the brake pad wear of indicators. Some manufacturers put indicators in their brake pads to alarm the driver when they wear off. Either way, a visit to the local repair shop is advised.

2. Weird Feeling Brake Pedal

The brake pedal should feel firm and reactive. If anything other than that is felt while pressing it, it can mean a variety of things, including a leak in the brake lines or stuck caliper pistons.

3. Brake Light Constantly On

Are your parking or brake lights always on? Well, to start, we recommend not driving the car because it damages the braking system even further than it already is. Causes can vary, so visit an auto facility ASAP.

4. Slower Than Usual Braking

Braking should happen immediately after pressing the brake pedal - or at least starting to brake, depending on the speed. If you feel a slow down in braking, it can be caused by worn-out brake pads or a variety of other issues.

5. Pulling To One Side While Braking

A common and noticeable indicator of brake issues is pulling to one side while braking. As with many car problems, this can be caused by a lot of things so the best advice we can give is to take the car to a mechanic for a professional opinion.

6. Grinding Noise

Another noise that points to brake problems is grinding. It can be heard while braking or even when driving. Whichever the case may be, it's an invite to a local repair shop that you can't miss.

7. Vibrating or Shaking

Vibration and shaking can occur if the brake pads are worn unevenly or the rotors have bent. This problem can evolve into more serious damage to the surrounding parts and systems.

Brake System Repairs In Orange, CA!

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